Do you feel like your metabolism or hormones are out of whack?

Are you constantly Bloated or Constipated?

Do you struggle with Sporadic Energy or Brain Fog?

Do you suffer from painful periods, menopause symptoms, or even missing/ irregular periods?

Do you always feel thirsty or cold?

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep?

If you've struggled with any or all of these, you're not alone💖 

Because while these symptoms are often very common for many women...they're NOT normal in how our bodies should be functioning! They're actually common signs of imbalanced hormones and/or a slow metabolism that can come from not giving our bodies proper balanced fuel.

This is why I created the Eat Easy, Feel Fab! recipe ebook, because food is our bodies fuel to THRIVE! I want you give you delicious ways to enjoy foods that are EASY for our bodies to digest (because they're low inflammatory and mineral balanced), which can help to better utilize nutrients for increased energy to feel FAB on fat loss and hormone health journeys!


Easy to access on any device!
Can download and print too!

30 Macro Friendly recipes for fat loss, reverse dieting, or building muscle goals!

Learn Nutrition Basics + get tips on how to incorporate these foods into your lifestyle and goals!

This ebook not only comes with 30 recipes for you to use as you please, but it also comes with sample days between 1500-2300 calories, as well as 2 full weekly meal plans with grocery lists for you to try out!

The sample day plans with different calorie needs all add up to having ~125-140g of Protein for each day (this is an amazing range for fat loss, balanced hunger, and steady energy for most women!). If you're not sure what your calorie needs should be, you can add on a Macro Consult at checkout for me to give you custom help!

The weekly meal plans are great for those who don't want to track Macros and can be great for you to learn how to listen to your bodies hunger cues as you're eating more nourishing foods!

One thing to note that if you're thinking having 1500 calories being the "lowest day" seems high, if we're eating the right foods, then we DO NOT need to go below 1500 calories! Even for fat loss!

You can always try out different days to see how you feel, and increase or decrease calories based on goals and how your body responds.

Can changing nutrition really help with alleviating the the common symptoms of painful periods, brain fog, bloating, energy crashes, and the others I mentioned above that are not normal?

I can tell you, YES! Because I'm living proof! I suffered from these symptoms myself up until 12 months ago and changing my nutrition corrected them!

I thought I was eating "healthy" but I was often running off of coffee, bloated after meals, had afternoon energy crashes, had painful periods, and felt like my metabolism was slow even though I was active.

I started questioning if maybe my "healthy" that was focused on common fitness/weight loss foods like egg whites, chicken breast, lettuce, cauliflower, Protein shakes, 0 cal dressings/drinks/sweeteners, and low carb wraps; wasn't actually what my body needed to thrive...

I started learning how focusing too much on just "low calorie" foods, can lead to hormonal imbalances and that focusing on more mineral rich foods could help hormones balance out!

I researched how certain foods I was having were actually causing my body a lot of inflammation, even though I thought they were "healthy" or I was having them in moderation. The inflammation was causing on my low energy and bloat!

I studied and tested for the past 6 months what foods my body could really thrive on if I had them often, and I've never felt better! Even though I'm actually even eating more calories than I was!

This is because I am now eating low inflammatory foods and focusing on balanced Minerals which are EASY TO DIGEST for my body to have easy energy to thrive!

This recipe ebook is packed with those foods in delicious meals for you to enjoy to help you thrive on your lean body and healthy hormone journey!

How can these meals help with painful periods, menopause symptoms, or even help to balance irregular/missing period?

The common symptoms that feel detrimental for many women around their periods or through the stages of menopause often has to do with having excess estrogen and low progesterone.

These are female hormones that can be imbalanced from high inflammatory foods like seed oils or having an abundant amount of estrogen rich foods like soy. Soy/soybean oil is snuck into many unexpected foods or used for cooking many foods leading to a build up of estrogen. These are also high in omega 6 fatty acids, which often don't get balanced out with omega 3 fatty acids leading to built up inflammation and imbalanced hormones.

The meals in Eat Easy, Feel Fab! PLUS the knowledge you'll learn in this ebook about the 7 superfoods that can help detox excess estrogen to balance progesterone and also balance out omega fatty acids, can help to lead to a balanced body with regular menstrual cycles, pain free periods, balanced energy, better sleep, less cravings and less hot flashes!

If you're ready to feel energized and nourished with food to fuel your fat loss, fitness, or hormone health goals, then start Eating Easy to digest foods to Feel Fab today!


What is Eat Easy, Feel Fab! ?

Eat Easy, Feel Fab! is my new recipe book that comes with 30 Metabolism Supporting meals that are easy for our bodies to digest for less bloat and fatigue, and better nutrient absorption! The meals are based around 7 Superfoods that support female hormonal balance so you can increase energy, lose fat, decrease bloat, lessen PMS, and really thrive in your body!

It is my passion for YOU to succeed! That's why I wanted to make a ebook that could make eating to nourish hormones simple!

Who is it for?

Eat Easy, Feel Fab! is for women who are looking to feel nourished and energized with food! The metabolism and hormone supporting meals can help you overcome common symptoms that are NOT normal for women like:

Bloat, painful periods, constipation, sporadic energy, afternoon crashes, trouble sleeping at night, constantly cold or thirsty, constantly hungry or having cravings, fatigued/always needing coffee, weight loss seeming impossible/slow metabolism.

Are the recipes High Protein?

YES! Having Protein rich meals helps with balancing blood sugar and boost metabolism since we burn more calories digesting Protein compared to Carbs and Fats.

Are there Gluten Free Options?

Yep! Most meals are GF as the primary nourishing Carbs used are potatoes, rice, fruit, and honey. There's meals with sourdough toast and pasta that you can easily make GF if needed!

Is it a one time payment?


How many meals and snacks are in the meal plans?

3 meals + 1 stress relieving smoothie + 1-2 snacks!

How long do these meals take?

The more sweet and simple options have very little prep so can take 5-10 minutes. Most savory options are 15-30 minutes with some requiring a little more time and love

All these meals are focused on eating nourishing whole foods nd helping you become more in touch with how you're fueling yourself and proud of what you can create! I know we live in a fast paced world so we want quick things, but the more we can be attached to food by making it ourselves, then I think the more nourishing and satisfying it can be!

Are they meal prep friendly?

Yep! Majority of recipes are for 2 servings so you could use them as a "prep once, eat twice" by having one for dinner and the other for lunch the next day. Or you can double the recipe to make 4 servings for MP or for the fam!

Some recipes serve 4-6 (chicken thighs bake, slow cooker fajitas and a steak prep options!)

1500 calories is the lowest meal plan idea option, isn't that too high?

If you need to eat under 1500 calories for weight loss, it's more than likely that hormones are off, metabolism is slow, and/or your body is so inflamed by inflammatory foods or stress that it's having trouble doing much else.

This is EXACTLY what happened me! I tried to do a short fat loss phase to trim up a bit earlier this year at 1400 calories and I couldn't lose fat. I felt bloated and hungry, I started learning how the foods I was eating were causing stress on my body so I changed my food choices and now I'm eating 2000 calories but feel WAY LEANER because my body is able to more easily digest and use the food

I talk about this more in this email!

*Note: This ebook is for women who are at least 18 years old. This is ebook NOT direct medical advice. The documents and information provided were created by Ashley Cates who is not a Registered Dietician or a Medical Professional, nothing said should be taken as medical advice or replace any advice given by a Physician. This information does not in any way intend to diagnose or treat any health condition/disorder. The information provided is very likely not suitable for those with an ongoing eating disorder. All information provided is done with the intent to help.


This is an Instant Download product, meaning that you will have the access to the program as soon as you purchase it, meaning you can get started on reaching your fitness goals INSTANTLY! Woo hoo! As a instant download product it is nonrefundable.